Breast Enhancement Surgeon in Sydney

Breast Enhancement Surgery in Sydney

Breast enlargement surgery is aimed at the woman who feels that her breasts are too small or not properly formed. A breast enhancement can improve the breast size and the overall body contour. Breast implants have been used since the 1970s to enhance and enlarge the shape of breast tissue.

Breast Enhancement Surgeon Sydney – Methodology

After a personal, private consultation with your cosmetic surgeon the best method of breast enhancement will be decided upon that meets your requirements. This will include selecting the appropriate size and type of implant for the proportions of your body contour and chest wall. The surgeon will also decide on right incision site to achieve your desired look. 

Breast Enhancement Surgeon Sydney – Types Of Breast Implants

A Breast Enhancement Surgery in Sydney involves a breast implant which is a silicone rubber shell that can be filled with either medical grade silicone gel or saline. Silicone has a more natural feel and is the most popular implant. The saline implant can  be inserted through a smaller incision including the umbilicus cord. Silicone breast implants are a better option for women who prefer a natural feel. They are also generally preferred for women having an implant replacement or reconstruction after mastectomy.

Types Of Breast Enlargement Surgery in Sydney

Under the Breast in the Breast Fold ( Most popular )
An inframammary (under the breast) incision is the most common approach for placement of a breast implant. This approach provides the most direct route and requires the least amount of surgery time. It helps to see all the important tissue and minimize bleeding.

Around The Nipple
The breast implants are placed through an incision within the pigmented areolar tissue. This approach is recommended for patients who desire the least obvious scar.

Under the Arm
Placing incisions under the arm, also known as a transaxillary approach, avoids having the scar on the breast, but the incision will be visible when you wear a sleeveless dress or elevate your arms.

Through The Belly Button
This is known as a TUBA (transumbilical breast augmentation). This can only be used with saline breast implants.
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